359 sportsmen took part in the regatta. The Championship of Saint Petersburg became the most numerous competition of the city over the last 30-40 years.

The organizers were not lucky with the weather in the first days of the regatta. On Saturday, the strength of the wind was 2-3 knots, which was clearly not enough for the races in the majority of classes. In the result of that, only windsurfers went to the start line. The wind didn’t become stronger on the second day of the competitions, it remained more or less the same. Thus, the judges managed to organize races for windsurfers and Zoom 8, when it was a halfway day.

However, the second half of the regatta turned to be full of windy days. The wind got up to 7-9 knots by the beginning of the starting procedures of the competitions on the third day. Such a strong and steady south-eastern wind seemed like a real present in comparison to the windless start of the regatta. Since that day, the weather has not led the sportsmen down, and the judges could organize from 8 to 13 races in each class. Optimist and Laser 4.7 had the smallest number of races, Techno and RS:X – the largest.

The program of the final day of the Championship of Saint Petersburg was also busy: it included two final races and the Closing Ceremony.

This day of the competitions started with a moderate south-western wind of 5-7 knots. First, the judges had planned to organize three races, but the wind hushed down by the middle of the day, that was why the organizers decided to bring the fleet back to the shore.

The sportsman of the Sailing Academy Kirill Shunenkov became the winner in the most numerous Optimist class. He started the regatta brilliantly, having won four times in the four starting races, but then he backed off a little. He was the second, sixth, fourth, and 23rd (exclusion) in the next four races. By the end of the Championship of Saint Petersburg, Kirill had 16 points. Another representative of the Sailing Academy Nikita Chernykh and the sportsman of Rautu, Sailing Academy, and School of High Water Sports Mastery Daniil Perchik lost 18 points to his Academy-mate.

Having won at all the four events of the series of regattas “Optimists of the Northern Capital. The Gazprom Cup”, Kirill became the absolute champion of the competitions and received a new sail as a present.

“I like the Championship of Saint Petersburg, – the sportsman of the Sailing Academy Kirill Shunenkov says. – I didn’t really like the wind, because it was weak most of the days of the competitions. The last day was when I failed most, because the final series started and I had to do something with the result. The first day was the best. I made it to the easiest fleet and managed to seize that opportunity. I set the task for myself to be in the Championship of Russia and continue that way.”

As for the girls at  the competition “Optimists of the Northern Capital”, the sportswomen of “Vodnik” Alisa Ivanova and Dina Zhilkina shared the first and the second places (52 points each). Darya Savinova from Favorite School of Vyborg comes after them (72 points).

As for the girls at the Championship of Saint Petersburg, Alisa Ivanovskaya from the Sailing Academy, Rautu, and School of High Water Sports Mastery took the first place with 47 points. Marina Babkina (Sailing Academy, 108 points) is at the second place, Julia Naimushina (Sailing Academy, 140) is at the third place.

– I took the 20th place in the overall standing, – Alisa Ivanovskaya says. – I am the first among the girls of Saint Petersburg. I am satisfied with the result, because it was not my type of weather. It was hard for me to race in such wind – I do it much better in the strong wind. I am going to move to the new class very soon. I am still thinking about it, but you cannot stick to the Optimist forever. I would like to be a sail trimmer at 29er. I am going to the Championship of Russia and I am ready to fight for the first place among girls and not only because the girls tournament table is an advantage. In some countries, it does not exist at all. I think it’s cool to fight with the boys, too.

The sportsmen of the Sailing Academy, Rautu, and School of High Water Sports Mastery Stepan Zapoev and Daniil Serdukov took the golden and silver medals in Zoom 8. Stepan had 13 points in 10 races, and his competitor – 17. Artem Markov (Krestovskiy Island) took the bronze medal. The sportswoman of Krestovskiy Island Elena Obedzinskaya (34 points) became the winner among girls.

Grigoriy Aristov (Baltiets, School of High Water Sports Mastery) became the winner of Luch Mini. He is followed by his club-mate Vladimir Gasanenko (Baltiets, School of High Water Sports Mastery) and the sportsman of Krestovskiy Island Ilya Tyrin. Veronika Smirnova took the first place among girls. The sailors from Baltiets and School of High Water Sports Mastery Anna Gaponiva (8 points) and Maksim Kozubay (7 points) take the first line of the overall standing in  Luch Radial and Luch classes.

The sportsmen of Krestovskiy Island were the best in Laser 4.7 and Laser Radial. Maksim Shaposhnikov, who outcompeted Peter Pashutinskiy and Arkadiy Karmanov, shook off the pursuers in Laser 4.7, and Vladimir Novoselov became the winner in Laser Radial, who was fighting with Aleksandra Lukoyanova (the first place among girls) and Elizaveta Borovkova (the second place among girls).

The sportsmen of the Sailing Academy traditionally run the show in the pre-Olympic classes 420 and 29er.  The crew of Kseniya Monastyreva/Tatyana Golozubova was predictably the best in 420, Artem Kuzmin/Aleksandr Melnikov and Pavel Baryshnikov/Dmitriy Jacobson come after them. As for the 29er, they were fighting for leadership till the very last moment – Anna Korneva and Evgeniya Stepanova outraced Vladislav Grakhov and Ivan Sologubov in the decisive race.

– We had quite a tough fight, because the wind was weak and it’s difficult for us to race if it so, – the sportsman of the Sailing Academy Vladislav Grakhov says (29er class). – We are much more heavier than another crew. It turns out that it was much more difficult for us to sail in the weak wind than for them. There was almost no wind at all on the last day, that was why we lost the last race. We should have trained in the weak wind. We were quite bad at it. We want to turn the tables on the girls at the Championship of Russia.

The Championship of Saint Petersburg was especially intense for windsurfers. 13 races were organized in the Techno and RS:X classes and 11 – in DNK.

The sportsmen of the Sailing Academy occupied the whole podium in DNK class. Aleksey Vorozhbitov took the first place, Akim Petrov – second, Anton Golubev – third.

There was no chance to beat the sportswoman of the Sailing Academy and School of High Water Sports Mastery Eva Boitsova in the overall standing of Techno 8.5 class. Aleksey Yefremov (Kresovskiy Island) and Aleksey Burkin (Sailing Academy) come after her.

Mikhail Aleksandrov (Krestovskiy Island) became the winner of RS:X class, his club-mate Gleb Semiletov took silver, Andrey Karavan (Sailing Academy) took bronze. The sportswoman of the Sailing Academy Anastasia Shchedrina took the first place among girls and the second in the overall standing.

We would like to remind you, that the results of the Championship of Saint Petersburg will determine the composition of the team, which will represent the Northern Capital at the all-Russian regattas.



*Note: there are sportsmen from other cities in the results, but only the sportsmen, representing the sports schools of the city, are taken into account at the Championship of Saint Petersburg.



Background Information

The Sailing Sport Championship of Saint Petersburg took place on August 17-21.The regatta was hosted by Saint Petersburg Yacht Club. It is the main competition for the junior sailors.

The competitions were organized for the sportsmen in the following classes: Optimist, Zoom 8, Laser 4.7, Laser Radial, Laser, Luch Mini, Luch, Luch Radial, 420, 29er, DNK, Techno, RS:X. The organizers set three separate distances for different classes.

More than 350 young sportsmen participated in the regatta, which is a record for such competitions. The yachtsmen of 8-23 years old from the strongest sailing schools of the city race in the Championship of Saint Petersburg: Sailing Academy, Schools of High Water Sports Mastery, Sailing Sport School “Krestovskiy Island”, the teams of the yacht clubs “Baltiyskiy Bereg” and “Baltiets” and other.



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