Results of the optimist class association cup and stage 1 of the series of regattas “optimists of the Northern Capital. The Gazprom Cup”: the team lineup is determined



2 combined competitions were closed in Saint Petersburg Yacht Club on the 28th of May – Optimist class association Cup and Phase 1 of the largest all-Russian series of regattas “Optimists of the Northern Capital. The Gazprom Cup”.


The regatta set a new record: 157 racers from Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Moscow Region, Nizhniy Novgorod, Azov, Sebastopol, Tolyatti, Vyborg, Novorossiysk, and even from Khabarovsk and Krasnoyarsk applied for participation in the competitions!

The organizers of the competition divided all the sportsmen into two fleets, 80 racers each.

It is important to note that because of the specific features of the regatta, well-recognized Russian leaders and beginners, for whom this competition became the first in their life, raced alongside each other in one fleet.


On the first day, there was enough wind only for one race, where not all the absolute regatta’s favorites managed to demonstrate decent results.


On the second day, there was again not enough wind to start at 12:00 as it was planned. The sportsmen began to set afloat only by 1 p.m. The wind didn’t want to grow stronger to the required 5 knots (2.5 m/s) for a long time. At the end of the day, the first race started only at 16:00. All in all, the judges gave start to 2 races.


The third day of the regatta turned out to be really special. According to a tradition, the 27th of May is the day, when people celebrate the Birthday of Saint Petersburg. In 2018, it was a double festivity for Saint Petersburg Yacht Club – the battleship «Poltava» was floated out exactly on this day (for more details, please, go to We would like to note here that the sportsmen, participating in regattas. also took part in the festive ceremony – when the ship touched the water, they sent air balloons to the sky accompanied by the sounds of the wind orchestra.


When all the launch-related activities were over, the races finally set afloat. Unfortunately, because of the northern-eastern wind the judges couldn’t set the distance right near the shore, as it was originally planned, but the strength of the wind was enough for three races – some blows of the wind were 15 knots! The races came back to the shore only at the sunset – at 21:00.

According to the results of the qualification, the best racers formed the «golden» fleet. The final races should have taken place on the 28th of May, but the day turned to be completely windless, so the qualification results became the final ones.


The judges came up with the results in four groups, as it is usually done: Gils, Boys, Junior Girls, Junior Boys.


Andrey Sotnikov from Saint Petersburg sailing school «Rautu»won the second All-Russian regatta in a row with 7 points.


Ilya Chuprin (17 points) from Sailing Academy went to the secon place after an excellent last day of the competitions. Fyodor Krivobokov (22 points) from Tolyatti moved to the third place.


Another team leader – Maxim Shaposhnikov from Sailing Academy, who will go the World Championship together with Andrey and Ilya in case of positive decision of the judge board, didn't perform well at this regatta – he took only the eighth place. Maxim connected it with the wind, which was too weak for his weight, and partially with his wrong attitude.


As fir the girls, Alexandra Lukoyanova from Saint Petersburg (sailing school «Krestovskiy Island») was on the first place, who had a perfect last day of the competitions and pushed Alexandra Kalashnikova and Mria Strok from Moscow to the 2nd and 3rd places.


Junior boys: Ilya Krivobokov (Tolyatti, yacht club «Druzhba») – first, Sergey Efimov (Dolgoprudny) – second, Demyan Baranov (Saint Petersburg, «Rautu») moved to the third place.

Junior girls: Alisa Ivanova (Dolgprudny) – first, Stanislava Gunker (Saint Petersburg, «Krestovskiy Island») – second, Julia Naimushina (Krasnoyarsk) – third.  

It is importnant to note that the second Optimist Association Cup became a final phase of qualification of the best Optimist-racers to the Russian teams of Russia, who will represent our country at the European and World Championship in Optimist class.


Preliminary composition of the teams looks as follows:

World Championship: Andrey Sotnikov, Maxim Shaposhnikov, Ilya Chuprin, Arkady Karmanov, Artem Maximkin. Trainers: S. Andreev, D. Razumovich.


European Championship: Alexander Minbaev, Danila Ivanov, Maxim Bondar, Ilya Zhilkin, Alexandra Lukoyanova, Ekaterina Alexandrova, reserve – Maria Struk. Trainers: А. Startsev, D. Razumovich.



We would like to remind you, that the series of regattas Öptimists of the Northern Capital. The Gazprom Cup”consists of 4 phases in 2018:

  • 24-29 May – water area of the Neva Bay in the Gulf of Finland, Saint Petersburg Yacht Club
  • 21-24 June – settlement Sovetskiy of Vyborg Region, yacht port “Johannes”
  • 19-22 July - settlement Sovetskiy of Vyborg Region, yacht port “Johannes”
  • 3-6 August - water area of the Neva Bay in the Gulf of Finland, Saint Petersburg Yacht Club


Information. The series of regattas for children Öptimists of the Northern Capital. The Gazprom Cup” has been held since 2012 and is one of the largest projects of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club and Sailing Academy.


Official documents and photographs will be uploaded to the following web pages: and


The main media partner of the regatta this year is again “The Radio for Children”.

4-й этап Всероссийской серии регат «Оптимисты северной столицы. Кубок Газпрома» 2018 стал самым массовым по количеству гонщиков из Санкт-Петербурга за все время

Елена Калинина заняла второе место в финале Кубка мира

Елена Калинина завоевала серебро чемпионата мира в личном зачете и бронзу в смешанной эстафете


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