Nine years have passed since the moment, when Saint Petersburg Yacht Club was established



While the Northern Capital is still icebound, and sportsmen are already participating in tough competitions in the water areas of the world, it’s high time to present the areas of focus and initiatives of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club for 2017, which are implemented together with the general partner of the Yacht Club – Gazprom Company.

Nine years have passed since the moment, when Saint Petersburg Yacht Club was established. All that time, the goal of our Club was to create prerequisites for the development of sailing in Russia: we established Sailing Academy, the teams under Russian flags appeared in the water areas of the world, and the largest international competitions were held in Saint Petersburg for the first time. We have assessed the job done and drew conclusions, but the Club needs new goals:

•  We are going not only to take part in the prestigious competitions, we will make sure that the teams become Russian!

•  We will move Saint Petersburg from the eighth position in the ranking of sailing capitals of Europe to the top three.

•  Historical shipbuilding yard POLTAVA is not an enterprise of one project, albeit a large-scale one. Our goal is to establish an overhaul and maintenance center for all the large sailing ships of Russia and the Baltic Region.

•  Sailing Academy should become one of the main Olympic training centers of our country.

Having put all the external projects on track, we will come back to the roots and revive the Club’s movement. We will create a strong social group of people, united by the ideas, which are promoted by Saint Petersburg Yacht Club, we will establish international relations and we will transform the Club into one of the most influential organizations in the sailing sport along with the leading yacht clubs of the world.

We would like to bring to your attention the projects of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club in 2017

Sailing Academy

The Academy continues to implement the projects that were initiated before and new projects will be added in 2017. The group of early training MALISH will become bigger. Boys and girls starting with 5 years old learn cardinal direction, natural phenomena, and water bodies while playing. In summer time, young sportsmen train on Malish yachts in a special swimming pool.  

The training in children’s, youth and Olympic yacht types, including Skiffs (youth class 29er and Olympic classes 49er and 49erFX) will become more intensive.

A unique project will start in 2017 that will unite geography, history, and sport. From May till October, Optimist class team of the Academy will visit the cities of Central Russia, where young sportsmen will have sailing lessons in the local water bodies, regattas and workshops for local young people and get familiar with the history of that places. The project “Get to know Russia while Sailing” foresees the visits to the following cities: Votkynsk (Udmurtia), Tobolsk (Tyumen Region), Konstantinovo settlement (Ryazan Region) from May till October.

 The project “Hope of Seas”, which was implemented for the first time in 2015, will continue in the current season. The students of non-maritime higher educational establishments of the city will get familiar with the basics of seamanship on board of the schooner Nadezhda. Training cruises of the schooner are planned to take place in summer 2017.

The series of regattas for children and youth “Optimists of the Northern Capital. The Gazprom Cup” will start at the beginning of June 2017 and will have four events during the summer.

•        1st event, 2-4 June

•        2nd event, 4-7 May

•        3rd event, 21-23 July

•        4th event, 11-13 August

In addition to it, there will be Russian Optimist Class Association Cup at the beginning of summer.

Just like before, Sailing Academy and Saint Petersburg Yacht Club will host a number of city and all-Russian competitions, including:

•       Championship of Saint Petersburg: 8-13 August,

•       Championship of Russia and Olympic and international classes: August 31 – September 7,

•       Championship of Russia. Team races: 07-11 September.

Bronenosec Sailing Team

The team of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club in ТР52 class was the first to open the season in the 52 Super Series. BRONENOSEC participated in two events of the 52 Super Series in the USA. Following the goal to expand the participation of Russian yachtsmen in the crew, the team of this class was reinforced with Egor Terpigorev – a member of Team Russia in Finn class. Russian experts Oleg Krivov and Vladimir Ikonnikov are involved in the work with such a high-tech boat as Transpac.

•        Rolex TP52 World Championship SCARLINO 2017 (16-20.05.17)

•        Porto Cervo 52 SUPER SERIES Sailing Week 2017 (21-25.06.17)

•        Puerto Portals 52 SUPER SERIES Sailing Week 2017 (24-28-07.17)

•        Menorca 52 SUPER SERIES Sailing Week 2017 (19-23.09.17)

And one more piece of good news for the fans of Russian sailing: Bronenosec team will be almost completely Russian in the new RC44 class, with the sportsmen of Sailing Academy, who have joint the team, among others. Kirill Frolov – a member of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club – will become helmsman of the team. Many representatives of the sailing community know him as an active SB20 sportsman.

•        Sotogrande cup. Sotogrande, Spain (27–30.04.17)

•        Porto Cervo cup. Porto Cervo, Italy  (29.06–2.07.17)

•        Marstrand, Sweden for the 2017 RC44 World Championship (9-13.08.17)

•        Cascais Cup (28.09.-01.10.17)

•        Final event of 2017 TBA (23-27.10.17)

World Match Racing Tour

One more team of the Yacht Club – Gazprom Team Russia – will go to a new level in 2017. In the middle of March, the completely Russian team will make its first appearance at the match racing series on M32 catamarans – World Match Racing Tour. Experienced and talented Russian yachtsman Viktor Serezhkin will become a helmsman if the team. The crew will consist of Egor Terpigorev, Alexey Kulakov, Pavel Karachov.

•        Australia – 16-18 March

•        USA – April

•        Sweden – 3-8 Jun

•        Russia, Saint Petersburg – August

•        USA – 3-8 October

•        China – 3-8 November

Nord Stream Race

The Baltic offshore regatta NORD STREAM RACE 2017 will become one of the main events of season 2017. Its format of organization will be completely renewed. This year, the participants of the regatta will be current winners of national sailing leagues of five countries – Russia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. The race will start on the last days of August in the German city of Kiel and will finish in Saint Petersburg. The route will be divided into four stages with visits to these Scandinavian countries between them. The regatta's fleet will also be renewed. It will consist of the new generation yachts, produced by Nautor’s Swan shipyard. These are very interesting and high-speed Swan 50 yachts. In this competition, Russia will be represented by the team that won the 2016 Russian National Sailing League. It is Evgeny Neugodnikov's LORD OF SAIL - EUROPE. It is planned that the regatta will start in the German city of Kiel at the end of August and will finish in Saint Petersburg in the first ten days of September.

National Sailing League and European Sailing Champions League

Support of club movement in Russia and Europe is one of the top priorities of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club. Qualification phase of the European Sailing Champions League was so successful in Saint Petersburg in August 2016, that this season more than ten yacht clubs from the Old World will come to the water area of Neva River to compete for the right to participate in the international finale of the League in Italy.

•        Qualification phase of European Sailing Champions League: 10-13August.

Saint Petersburg Yacht Club has been taking part in the Russian League since 2014. The Club’s team was qualified to participate in the League’s Top Division this season and will be represented by the team, consisting of the students of Sailing Academy. This team is already preparing actively for the new season of the League within the framework of Monte Carlo Radio Winter Series.

•        Event of National Sailing League. Premier Division in Saint Petersburg: 14-16 July.

•       Event of National Sailing League. Top Division in Saint Petersburg: 17-20 August.

Dragon and SB20 Classes

Dragon and SB20 competitions are traditionally a part of the racing schedule of Saint Petersburg. The European Dragon Class Championship, which was held in Saint Petersburg in 2016, was a great driving force for the development of this class in the country, and the schedule of Dragon competitions comprises a number of exciting events in 2017, including the Silver Cup of the class, competitions of classical dragons, and, of course,

•        Open Championship of Dragon class yachts: 26-31 July.

SB20 Class Association will traditionally organize a series of events within the framework of Association Cup, and the climax of the season will be

•        Open Championship of Russia among SB20 class yachts: 13-17 September.

Historical shipbuilding yard POLTAVA

In 2017, the historical shipbuilding yard POLTAVA has come to one of the most important stages in the construction of the replica of the 54-gun battleship Poltava, which was originally launched in the Admiralty in 1712. It is planned that the ship’s hull will be put in the water, where construction works will continue. You can see the greatness of the creation of Saint Petersburg shipbuilders for yourself, if you visit a tour. Today, the historical shipbuilding yard, established by Saint Petersburg Yacht Club, is the main repair station of the big sailing vessels of Russia, recognized by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Over the past few years, it has repaired mast and spars of the training sailing ship “Chersonesus”, repaired mast and bowsprit of the sailing ship “Nadezhda”, restored decks and lifeboats of the cruiser “Aurora”. It is planned to repair the legendary sailing ship “Sedov” in the nearest future.

The shipbuilding yard has a strong team of designers, a workshop that sews sails for large sailing ships, carpenter’s workshop, foundry, mast and spars workshop, wood carving and ship furniture workshops. The admiralty model of the Poltava in the scale of 1:2 is being constructed. The design office designed and constructed the frigate “Peter and Paul” on the New Holland Island and recreated the schooner “Zapad” in Archangelsk.

Foundation for Maintenance, Reconstruction and Restoration of Historical Ships and Classical Yachts

The main goal of the Foundation is to preserve the nautical heritage of Russia – classical yachts and historical vessels with the help of trustees and sponsors. As for today, the Foundation takes care of legendary vessels, constructed between 1888 and the 1970s: schooners, classical yachts, steam wheel cutter. The masterpiece of the Foundation’s collection is the legendary schooner “Nadezhda”, built in 1912. The first steel yacht of Russia “Utekha”, which belonged to Prince Olsufyev, is preserved and getting ready for museumification.

Masters and volunteers of the Foundation perform construction, repair and restoration works in the restoration workshop, including the restoration of the yacht “Nina”, built in 1884, and the construction of the replica of the yacht “Chayechka”, built in 1891. The Foundation and the shipbuilding yard organize industrial internship and sailing lessons for the Nautical School of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club, as well as sailing lessons for the students of Nakhimov Naval Academy and Kronshtadt Cadet Corps. 

Кирилл Фролов о втором гоночном дне RC44 Cascais Cup

МАТЧ ТВ о первых двух днях RC44 Cascais Cup

Финал RC44 2019


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